The Artist

The Artist Erica Birch

The Artist Erica Birch was born at home in West Bay, Grand Cayman. Delivered by her maternal grandmother. She grew up in a humble close-knit family. Spending days hunting soldier crabs for her uncles to fish with and wondering barefooted through now long forgotten bush paths to neighborhood homes. Spending night watching coconut husk embers light up the sky as her grandparents made coconut oil in the cool of the tropical night. Her art is a meditative process that allows her mind to enter the nostalgia of childhood play. For her art is about the journey, the process, the freedom and this can be seen in her love for creating immensely detailed pieces. “ My art explores the relationship between structure and fluidity. I am always seeking to achieve equilibrium. Balance is the goal. I have pulled them into my work in various ways. Sometimes side by side and other times each is only visible at certain distances. For example the micro level of my art will often appear to be very fluid and yet when you back away it will appear to be all compulsively planned. I believe a well lived life and a satisfying art journey is an exploration of structure and fluidity.”