The Water Cycle



The Blue in the figure's body is a ‘window with a view’ maybe of the source of all water. The view of the sky from earth as we spin through space or perhaps just the body of all water on earth? 

The bright oranges and greens represent life thriving here on the ground. 

The figure embodies the consciousness of humanity. The tears are falling as rain to nourish the flora of its body. The tears come from the body and go back to the body.  You, the viewer, get to select the source of the tears. You get to select what keeps the water cycle going. Joy or pain?

The water here on earth is fixed. It is not an infinite resource. It has passed through generations. It has seen the best and worst of us. It keeps cycling regardless. We can’t separate ourselves from our emotions no more than we can live without water. 

The figure has one eye as a reflection of the the phrase “In a world where and eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind the person with one eye rules” 

Water often represents emotions. While painting I pondered if the earth is heating up because our emotions are heating up? 

There are so many factors that affect climate we can never have a perfect model. There are so many factors that affect our humane narrative. We can never have a perfect model. Why, well perfection usually implies a static state. Life is not static. Life is persistent. 

Perhaps the figure represents AI reflecting back to us our own nature? 

I don’t consider this piece finished …. for me it’s very much still evolving. Just like you. Just like your community, your tribe, your people, ….just like OUR world. 

Just like you have layers, this piece has a glow in the dark layer, black light layer, natural light layer. 


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